MI.MU Gloves (Pair)
MI.MU Gloves (Pair)
MI.MU Gloves (Pair)
MI.MU Gloves (Pair)

MI.MU Gloves (Pair)

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The MI.MU Gloves: advanced wearable musical instrument, for expressive creation, composition and performance. Pre-order now, delivery August 2019.

2 year warranty.

Each purchase includes...

- 1x pair of MI·MU Gloves

- Batteries

- 2x USB charging cables

- Carry-case for transportation and storage

- Access to MI.MU software 'Glover', for creating mappings between your movements and sound. Glover connects to third party music software such as Ableton Live.

- Requirements: MacOS version 10.11 or later. Music software for generating sound.

Sizing will be confirmed directly with the MI.MU team before delivery to determine whether small, medium or large gloves should be provided.